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34-Year-Old Man Killed His Long-Term Girlfriend in North Charlotte

You are currently viewing 34-Year-Old Man Killed His Long-Term Girlfriend in North Charlotte
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Charlotte, North Carolina—34-year old Thomas Henry McCray was charged with the murder of 33-year-old Shikeither Dinetta Smith on Wednesday.


According to detectives, it was a domestic crime. The two were in a long-term relationship.


According to statistic, 8 out of the 41 homicides in Charlotte this year include domestic violence.


McCray called the officers to the home after the shooting. The officers arrived at the house of McCray in North Charlotte on Newcastle Street, near Intersection 77, just before 6.50 a.m.


By the time they arrived, Smith was already dead. Police said this is a domestic case. The man intentionally shot fires and killed a woman.


The woman was pronounced dead around 7 a.m., according to paramedics. As neighbors say, the couple had four children together.


Officers confirmed the children were not in the house by the time the tragedy happened. Neighbors are now concerned about what will happen with the children.


One of the neighbors said he keeps thinking about the children of the couple. It’s very unfortunate, they are going to grow up without mother and father.


The investigation of the woman’s death is underway. It is still unknown what will happen to children.


Officers said they are not sure if the children are going to stay with other family members or social services.


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