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Armed Robbery at Northeast Charlotte 7-Eleven

You are currently viewing Armed Robbery at Northeast Charlotte 7-Eleven
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Charlotte, North Carolina — Two men robbed a 7-Eleven in northeast Charlotte Tuesday morning, according to police.


Police officers are searching for them.

Officers said the robbers wore masks, used a gun to rob the store on Mallard Creek Road around 1.45 a.m.


The employee working for the store was inside the store at the moment of robbery but was not injured.

Officials said they were using police dogs to find them. Unfortunately, the dogs were not able to find them.


Another four overnight robberies happened on Tuesday. Police believe they might all be related.

According to Police said that the robbery from the stores that are far from each other happened within 90 minutes.


The suspects in these robberies are not found yet. Besides these four cases of robbery, an additional robbery happened on Tuesday. Police do not see any connection between the other four cases. Two people were armed and fled away with cash and cigarettes.


The customer of the store said all these robberies shows the de-evaluation of the society. People risk the consequences of going to jail for little money.


There were no arrests made so far. The investigation is still underway.


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