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“I Shot At Him Three or Four Times”: 911 Calls Reveal What Happened

You are currently viewing “I Shot At Him Three or Four Times”: 911 Calls Reveal What Happened
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A Charlotte business owner called 911 to report that somebody was breaking into his store .911 operator advised him not to approach the building until police arrived. This is according to Charlotte –Mecklenburgh Police Department.’’


When Corder arrived at the garden center on East Independence Boulevard, police say he shot 20-year-old Justin Tyler Anderson. On August 6, early in the morning, Anderson was pronounced dead at the scene.


Corder was convicted by a grand jury on Monday for the murder charge.

911 call reveals incriminating details of Charlotte store owner, who killed the intruder.


The owner of the American Beauty Garden Center, a gardening center on East Independence Boulevard, called 911 to say he was responding to an alarm. Corder said in his second call that he shot at him three or four times. He thinks he might have hit him.


There is an evidence of two calls that 911 got from Corder and one from CPI security, reporting the break-in at 4.32 a.m.


The recordings are public record in North Carolina. The police department had filed a motion to prevent the release of the recordings.


During the hearing Thursday, Assistant District Attorney Bill Bunting said the tapes contain a ‘’particularly prejudicial statement that’s prejudicial against the defendant.


George Laughrun, Corder’s defense attorney said he is worried that the tapes would have a huge influence on the public opinion if they are the only information source available before Corder’s trial.


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