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Nonprofit Executives Earn Six Figure Salaries in Charlotte

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Charlotte’s non –profit executives earn salaries of 6-figures. Among the top 10 earners in Charlotte is the president of a Christian television network with more than $800.000 in 2016.


At big nonprofit organizations, many executives also receive generous retirement fund contributions and bonuses at the end of the year. Some of them get country club memberships and housekeeping services.


In Charlotte, eight of the top 10 earners got a raise in their compensation in recent years. Now they make top 10 percent or more of the U.S. industry.


Federal law prohibits charities from awarding excessive compensation to their leaders. Each year, charities across the U.S. get tax breaks of tens of billions.


Most nonprofits in North Caroline pay their top executives less than $100.000 annually.

For the largest nonprofits with budgets of more than $50 million, the average compensation for CEOs in North Carolina was about $ 497.000.


The study was conducted by Guide star, a group that publishes financial data from nearly 2.7 million nonprofits in the United States.


David Cerullo has been number 1 on the list of highest-paid nonprofit leaders in the Charlotte area. He is the president of nonprofit Inspirational Network Inc. His pay now comes mainly from the ministry’s for-profit enterprise, which provided $2.42 million in total compensation.


Second and third place are of two Charlotte’s most well-known charitable organizations: the Foundation for the Carolinas and the Duke Endowment.


Michael Marsicano of the Foundation For the Carolinas has compensated a total of $ 673.029.


At the Duke Endowment, President Rhett Mabry received total compensation and benefits of about $646.340 in 2017.


Let’s talk about number 4 on the list. The headmaster of one of the area’s largest private schools Mark Reed had compensation totaling $557.499 last year.


Private schools provide annual scholarships for a portion of their students.


Let’s complete this list with Scott Henry, the CEO of SERC Reliability Corporation, whose total compensation was $533.846 in 2016.


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