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NOAA Get “Sonar Anomaly” Near Coast of North Carolina

You are currently viewing NOAA Get “Sonar Anomaly” Near Coast of North Carolina
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Yesterday, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released that they had received an unusual “sonar anomaly” near the coast of North Carolina.

Marine biologists went diving in the water to try and discover what the mysterious sonar signal was.

The NOAA states it could be “an archaeology site, a geological formation or otherwise.” This has raised a lot of questions between marine biologists.

Currently, the area where the sonar anomaly was picked up is named “Big Dipper Anomaly” by NOAA Okeanos Explorer.

The NOAA is Studying the Deep Ocean

The team of NOAA Okeanos Explorer has been studying the unknown and unexplained areas in the deep ocean. Part of the area it’s studying is near North Carolina.

While they were out in one of those unknown areas, they released its “remotely operated vehicle” (ROV) into the ocean to discover more.

Some marine experts stated that the unknown sonar pickup might be a sunken ship. It could also be “a geological formation with biological communities and other debris.”

They also released information on Twitter, stating that the area seems to be “geologic in origins and that they would continue to circumnavigate the rocky feature.” A diver stated that the area has different types of fish and other marine creatures as well.

However, they have not released the official location of the anomaly. They also have not said anything about what they discovered down there.

They are mapping the sea floor and seeing most of these areas for the first time ever.

Although things still seem unknown, they are going to keep people updated on what they discover, despite the location being kept private. After all, the NOAA has to know that this kind of story is the one that captures peoples’ imaginations. Hopefully, we at Charlotte Car Transport will be able to update you on this strange occurrence soon!

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