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Mandatory Evacuations After Hospital Bomb Threat

You are currently viewing Mandatory Evacuations After Hospital Bomb Threat
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CLINTON, South Carolina — Officials with Greenville Health System said the law enforcement had given the all-clear at Laurens County Memorial Hospital just before noon Thursday after a bomb threat was called in.

Deputies evacuated the hospital after threats were directed at the campus and another medical clinic in Newberry.

The threat to the hospital on US 76 in Clinton was made approximately 9 a.m., Chief Deputy Jarvis Reeder said.

He said deputies, Clinton police, and Laurens police responded and began evacuating the hospital.

Deputies said 46 patients were registered at the hospital and were evacuated along with the staff.

Hospital Swept Thoroughly After Bomb Threat

Sandy Dees, a spokesperson for Greenville Health System, said no threats were found during sweeps of the building.

“Out of extreme caution, Laurens County Memorial Hospital evacuated its patients and staff this morning after receiving bomb threat at approximately 9 a.m.,” Dees said in a statement. “The building has already undergone a preliminary sweep, and no devices were found. An additional sweep by a bomb squad will take place shortly. The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the bomb threat.”

Dees told our crews at the scene that the evacuation had been lifted, just before noon.

Deputies said SLED sent in bomb dogs to investigate before the all-clear was given.

Before the threat was made against the hospital, Reeder said another threat was made against Palmetto Bone and Joint in Newberry, an orthopedic surgery practice in Clinton. It has also received the all-clear now.

The hospital area was cleared at around 11:15 a.m.

Police said they also responded to a bomb threat in the atrium of Self Medical Center on Kinard Street just after 9 a.m. The building was evacuated, and SLED bomb dogs conducted a thorough search of the building.

Hopefully, no hospitals in Charlotte will have to deal with any of this nonsense!

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