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Drivers be Cautious! Rocks Thrown at Vehicles by Pedestrians

You are currently viewing Drivers be Cautious! Rocks Thrown at Vehicles by Pedestrians
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Charlotte – Mecklenburg Police is recommending all drivers to be careful after receiving many calls about objects thrown at vehicles on the roads and highways of Mecklenburg County.

Johnathan Frisk Crime Prevention Officer said: “It’s potentially very dangerous.”

We are taught to keep our eyes on the road. But many drivers are reporting damages to their vehicles as a result of pedestrians. That means, in order to avoid significant damage to their vehicles, drivers have to theoretically keep their eyes off the road.

Recent police reports shined a light on several incidents of rocks and other objects thrown at moving cars. Of course, no one has caught anyone doing this yet. However, that doesn’t mean that people aren’t pointing fingers already.

Driver Kenny Gray said, “Something hit my car and it was some teenagers.”

Eyanna Jinnah said: “I’ve been in situations driving down the street and the car in front of me got a rock thrown at it.”

Frisk said, “It could definitely be deadly.”

Drivers, Watch Out; It Could Save Your Life

In Michigan, it was unfortunately quite deadly. A young father died about two weeks ago when teenagers dropped a rock onto a car from an overpass. It smashed through the windshield and killed him, leaving behind a family.

It can happen to anybody, anywhere. Especially if there’s an overpass that you’re driving under, you’re going to have to watch out. And some parents are now trying to steer clear of nighttime driving because of it.

Zinnah explained, “It’s very concerning, I’ve got kids.”

Police don’t want drivers to oppose these people if you do encounter the situation, but they do inspire anyone to report these incidents.

Officers also say don’t hesitate to call them if you see people standing on overpasses. Especially if they’re carrying rocks or looking for too long at the cars traveling beneath them!

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