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Drive Tube… A New Social Media Platform Aimed At All You Car Enthusiasts

You are currently viewing Drive Tube… A New Social Media Platform Aimed At All You Car Enthusiasts
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Do you love all things cars and social media? Well, if you do, here is some great news for you! A new social media platform will be released called Drive Tube. The social media site is aimed for all you car, truck, and bike enthusiasts out there.

The site allows you to sign in through your Facebook account. Then, you can search and join a different variety of what they call “tribes.” These “tribes” are very similar to Facebook groups, depending on what your interests are.

So, what else can you do on the website? You have the option of sharing content such as, photos or feature length videos. The site has a sharp focus on interaction. You can comment, like, or “bump” posts. “Bumping” a post is Drive Tubes version of favoriting a post. Also, joining a tribe gives you access to different types of content based on the interests you have chosen.

So, the big picture is to clash together everything that defines being a petrol head and put it in one place. It does not matter if your interests run around classic cars or old trucks, the mission is to bring all car lovers together in one place and to offer something for everybody on the website. Which is why, they have a huge variety of these so called tribes. The variety is so huge that there is even a tribe called “I hate cars”, where people can go and rant about how much they hate automobiles.

The Car industry is quickly changing and growing, so is the way we communicate about automobiles. Commonly, in today’s day and age, car enthusiasts share car posts on Instagram, snap chat, and some maybe on Facebook. There are pages related specifically to just car posts. Now, we have a whole platform related to cars. Drive Tube aims to become the hub of automobile communication. In the future, the creators of the site see themselves selling cars online because they believe that dealerships are old news especially in today’s modern technology based age.


Is DriveTube something you would like to be a part of? Would you ever buy a car online?

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  1. Eddie

    This is a good idea ! A good way for like minded people to find one another, and also a good platform for people to sell/advertise as well.

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