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Tragic School Bus Accident… 37 Children on Board…. 32 Survivors

Tragic School Bus Accident… 37 Children on Board…. 32 Survivors
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A tragic accident occurred in Chattanooga on Monday around 3:30 in the afternoon. A school bus carrying 37 children flipped over and split apart. There were five deaths in which four of the five were girls. The bus was carrying students from kindergarten to the fifth grade from Woodmore Elementary School. Among the five that passed were one kindergartner, one first grader, and three fourth graders. Out of the 32 survivors, six remain in intensive care.
The cause of the accident seems to be speed. Due to reports by witnesses and physical evidence, it is obvious that the driver was going way faster than the given speed limit of 30 mph. The arrest affidavit states that the bus was traveling on a “narrow-winding” road when the driver lost control causing the bus to swerve off the road hitting a high driveway and mailbox and after swerving left hitting a telephone pole and tree.
The elementary school states that students will be excused from school today and for those who do choose to still attend, there will be counselors available.
The school bus driver, Johnny Walker who is 24 years old has been arrested and is being charged with five counts of vehicular manslaughter, reckless endangerment and driving. He is being held with a $20,000 bond. A preliminary court date has been set for November 29. Until then, he could be faced with more charges. Also, a warrant has been issued to retrieve the black box inside the bus in order to better find out what happened. The school has agreed to cooperate.

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