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Open Car Transport

Open auto transport is both safe and secure, as well as affordable.

Enclosed Car Transport

With this style of transport, the car is covered in an enclosed trailer.

Expedited Auto Shipping

Expedited Auto Shipping is always the fastest way to ship a car.

Door-to-Door Car Transport

Door to door car transport is the most convenient way to ship a car across the country.


If you are looking to ship a vehicle state to state to or from Charlotte, our auto transport company is always here to help. Charlotte Car Transport is reliable and provides auto transport for all types of vehicles. From cars to boats, we can ship any vehicle across the country with a standard Door-to-Door Delivery service.

We have a great range of Charlotte Car Transport services. With us, you can ship your car on either Open or Enclosed trailers between any locations of your choice. If you need to ship a car urgently, we offer Expedited Car Transport. Expedited Car Transport includes an additional fee, but it offers fast service. Our team will always work hard to make shipping of your vehicle perfect for you, taking care of scheduling and logistics. What else do we offer?.

Dedicated Team and Affordable Rates

One of our goals is to make our services affordable to everyone while retaining our exceptional quality. Our company knows how to fulfill customers’ needs by offering the best service.

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Heavy Hauling

One of the most complicated types of auto transport is heavy hauling.

Snowbird Shipping

We will help our snowbirds move to the south or come back home.

Exotic Auto Transport

If you are looking to ship an exotic car, don’t hesitate and call us.
Military Equipment Transport

Military EQP Transport

We have all the necessary permits to handle any type of vehicle.

Auction Auto Transport

Get a special discount for your auction car shipping

Dealer Car Shipping

It is not a problem to deliver your new car from out of state.