Trucks park here

Trucking Technology Improves Parking for Big Rigs!

Unfortunately, parking has always been a major concern for truckers.
Wedged in a small parking lot, or illegally parked on the side of the road, options for parking have always been slim for semi-trucks.  Thus, enab...Read More

MirrorEye Camera Ruling Trucking

Trucking Technology Steps Up!

Recently, the FMCSA decided on Stoneridge’s application of MirrorEye. This includes the exe...Read More

Donkey and Emu Find New Home

Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays the villainous Negan on AMC’s “The Walking Dead” has adopted a male donkey and a female emu. The animal pair fell in love on a South Carolina farm, capturing the public’s heart. However, they then ended up...Read More

school shooting charlotte

Is Extra Safety do More Harm at Schools? NC Recovering After Another Shooting

After the recent incidents at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, involving guns and tragic deaths, maybe, school officials ask themselves the question, "What if extra security does more damage to the school than less?"   A report by a Brooking...Read More

Charlotte in fall season

How Does the Perfect Fall Bucket List Look Like in Charlotte?

Time just flies by so fast! When did summer end and autumn start? We will all experience this beautiful yellow-reddish fall season until December 21. That’s when the leaves start to change their colors. But isn’t it better to get the pumpki...Read More